The privilege of riding in a school vehicle is contingent upon a student's good behavior and observance of the student code of conduct and established regulations for student conduct both at designated school vehicle stops and on-board school vehicles.

The operator of a school vehicle shall be responsible for safety of the students in the vehicle, both during the ride and while students are entering or leaving the vehicle.  Student shall be required to conform to all rules concerning discipline, safety and behavior while riding in the school vehicle.  It is the vehicle operator’s duty to notify the supervisor of transportation and the principal of the school involved if any student persists in violating the established rules of conduct.

Bus Stop Rules:

·       Be 5 minutes early to the bus stop so that you know that you will be on time.

·       Dress properly for the weather in case you have to wait

·       Stay out of the streets, do not play. Stand quietly and visit with your friends.

·       Practice courtesy to fellow pupils and avoid being rowdy, horseplay, and objectionable language.  NO FIGHTING.

·       Line-up, single file, with smaller children in front so the driver can see them.

·       Do not push or try to get ahead of someone; they could fall.

·       If you must cross in from of the bus, wait until the driver gives you a signal to cross, walk 10 feet from the bus (you must be able to see the driver and make eye contact).

·       Use the handrail when getting on and off of the bus so that you do not slip and possible fall.

·       Go quietly to your seat and sit down.

·       If you miss the bus, do not chase it.  If you are at home, call the school.  If you are at school, go to the office so they can notify the driver.


School Bus Rules:

·       Assist in keeping the bus as safe and sanitary as possible at all times.

·       Paper is to be kept off of the floor.  Remember the cleanliness of your bus depends on the cooperation of every student riding the bus.

·       Avoid unnecessary noise which might divert the drive’s attention and cause an accident.

·       Never stick hands, arms, or any other part of the body out of the window.  Do not yell or make gestures out of the windows.

·       Students are responsible for paying for damages done to seats or any other part of the interior or exterior of the bus.

·       Never experiment or tamper with the bus or any of its’ equipment.

·       Be careful not to leave anything in the bus, such as lunches, clothing or books.  If you forget something, go to the office or call the school to let the drive know.  Never chase the bus for any reason.

·       Keep personal possessions (coats, books, bag, etc.) out of the aisle.

·       Never throw anything in the bus or out of the bus windows.

·       No animals, or items that would be distracting to the driver or pupils, will be transported to or from school in the bus.  You must make other arrangements.

·       Remain seated with feet on the floor and facing the driver until the bus has stopped and the driver gives the “OK”.

·       Practice courtesy to fellow pupils and to the bus driver.  Avoid being rowdy, horseplay, and inappropriate language.  NO FIGHTING.

·       Everyone must be quiet (no talking or noise made on purpose) when the bus approaching the railroad tracks.  In Byers, you must remain quiet from stop sign to stop sign.

·       Obey the school bus drive.  In case of emergency, remain in the bus unless instructed to evacuate by the driver.

·       No glass articles or sharp objects may be brought on the bus.

·       No eating or drinking while riding the school bus.


STATE LAW:  Never smoke or light matches on or around the school bus.  It is against the law to smoke or use tobacco of any kind on school property.  This includes the bus driver.

Discipline on the School Bus

Step 1 - Verbal Reprimand.  Try a different seat assignment or seat partner.  Document on proper form.

Step 2 - Send a copy of the discipline notice home to the parent/guardians.

Step 3 - Mail a discipline notice home and try to contact parent/guardians to let them know that there have been 3 offenses.  The next offense will result in the child being suspended from the bus for a period of time.

These discipline steps include the bus stop as well as the bus ride.  A child will be denied bus service if they do not follow the rules at the stop as well as on the bus.  Depending on the offense, or if the behavior continues, the child will not be permitted to ride the school bus for 3 days.  The punishment will then be extended to 1 week, 2 weeks, and eventually the entire year.  Fighting is considered to be a major offense and could result in a child losing their bus privileges for an extended period of time

Once a child has been suspended from the bus, the parent/guardian and the student must attend a conference with the transportation department in order for the child to resume riding the bus.  Until the conference is held, the child cannot ride the bus.

Adopted August 18, 2005