Boys Basketball Rules and Expectations

Following are the additional Boys Basketball Rules that apply to Practice, Game, and all other Basketball activities. They are rules that are in addition to the guidelines already set out in the Byers High School Athletic Handbook.

NOTE 1: Varsity Basketball is not an equal-opportunity event. The players that the coaching staff deems to be the proper players will see the floor during varsity games. Other players will earn their playing time at the Junior Varsity and C-Team levels. Playing time is non-negotiable. There are no age rules within our team Seniors can be back-ups on C-Team and Freshman can be starters on Varsity. "Remember age makes you older, not necessarily better".

NOTE 2: The Byers Boys Basketball Coaching Staff consists of hired professionals in the field of coaching and education. The staff has 43 years of combined coaching experience, playing experience at both the high school and college levels, and each coach attends basketball clinics and workshops on a yearly basis.

1) Anytime you come on the floor, you are expected to give 100% effort. We will accept nothing less. The harder you prepare for victory, the more difficult it is to accept defeat.

2) Be early for everything we do!!! Tardiness is unacceptable. If you are late you will be penalized with additional conditioning in practice and a potential loss of team privileges, which may include playing time. 

3) If you miss practice for any reason during the season (other than a school activity) you will not start that weeks games. If you miss a practice you will be less prepared for the upcoming opponent than the players who were at practice. If you intentionally ditch/skip practice you will face other disciplinary actions, including expulsion from the team if it becomes a consistent event.

4) No Technical fouls during games, an unsportsmanlike technical foul may cause you to sit on the bench for the rest of that game. Technicals hurt the team, and a mentally strong team should never pick up frustration technicals.

5) When a coach is talking (instructing) you are quietly listening. Failure to buy into team concepts, techniques, and plans will result in a severe loss in playing time.

6) Only a positive-excited attitude will be acceptable during games, practices, and all other basketball events. We must have dedicated and coachable players to have a successful team.

7) During games everybody on the bench must be excited for the team (standing, cheering, helping teammates, ect.). If I see people pouting on the bench or not supporting the team I will send them to the locker room during the game and enforce other disciplinary actions as I see fit.

8) What is said about opposing teams within our practices and within the locker room is to stay within our team. We do not want the other team knowing what our plans are.

9) All Varsity players will be required to read, study, and know their scouting reports for each game. If a player is not prepared mentally for the game their playing time will drastically suffer.

10) There are no Cell Phones allowed in the locker room before or after games. Players can wait until we finish our post-game discussions to leave the locker room to use their phones.

11) Profanity/cussing has no place on our team. Players who use profanity will be penalized with push-ups, extra-running, deduction in playing time, and other possible consequences.

12) Byers Basketball Players are expected to be exceptional within the classroom as well as on the court. Players receiving a detention will be penalized with a loss of one quarter of playing time for each ½ hour accumulated during the school week. The quarters will be served in successive order (i.e. ½ hour detention= no play in the first quarter of the first game of the week).

13) All players must maintain good grades. Players will be removed from the team upon their third week of ineligibility.

14) All players are expected to help the team when it comes to fund-raising. Fundraising is done to get you the players something.

15) If parents have an issue that needs to be discussed, they must come to the coach first (follow the chain of command). They may not talk to a coach directly after a game. 24-full hours must pass before a parent talks to a coach. If this rule is violated the parent will be suspended from attending the next game. If it happens a second time the parent will be suspended for the duration of the season.

16) If a coach hears any player talking bad about the team, coaching staff, school, or other players he will be subject to immediate disciplinary actions.

17) On game days players will be required to either dress nice (shirt, tie, slacks, ect.) or wear their travel suites. The coach will decide the day before the game. NO HATS are allowed when traveling to opposing teams gyms.

18) There will be a curfew of 11:00 p.m. on each night before a game. Players who are not at home at this time will not play in the game the following day.

19) Basketball is not to be used as an excuse for not performing in any class. All tests, assignments, projects, and activities are due when your teacher says they are due. Be responsible and plan ahead.

20) Players will look their coaches directly in the eye when talking with them. All players are expected to act like men so that they will continue to be treated like men.

21) If a player has an issue, problem, or injury they must talk with the coach. Lines of communication are necessary to keep a positive and solid understanding within the team atmosphere.

"If you do anything in any way, whenever or wherever, that we think is detrimental to the good of this basketball team, to the school, or to yourself, We will handle it as we see fit."