Business Office

The Business Office serves as a leader and catalyst for protecting the fiscal integrity of District resources. The Business office is beneficial to the success of student learning through the processing and monitoring of all revenue and expenditures.


Supports and maintains the activities of the District, by processing financial information according to local, state and federal guidelines. Our focus is to provide excellent accounting practices according to General Accepted Accounting Practices throughout the district and communities we serve. Accounts Payables/Payroll assumes all responsibility of processing and managing the accounts payable and payroll for the District.


Serves as the primary agent entrusted to procure quality goods and services at the most economical cost or best value in accordance with purchasing polices and regulations for the District. The Business Office performs ordering, procurement and bidding supplies and materials necessary to run an efficient school system. The District operates within policies and procedures that are transparent to the public while promoting and acknowledging our dedication to fair and open competition.


Coordinate the District’s operating budget that includes local, state and federal revenue and expenses. Funding priorities includes instructional needs, strategic goals, facility improvements, personnel, and education initiatives.