Byers School District Policies

The Byers School District is governed by policies adopted and approved by the Byers School Board. Presented here in its entirety is the District's Policy Handbook. Here you can locate, read, and print out the complete text of any policy currently in effect in the Byers School District that may be of interest to you..

The District's Policy Handbook is divided into twelve alphabetically coded topic categories. Each policy is assigned to one of these categories and given its own alphabetical code beginning with the letter of its assigned category.. To the right you will see each policy category.  Click on the policy category to find each individual policy listed.

A - Foundation

B- Governance

C- General Administration

D - Fiscal

E - Support Services

F - Facilities

G - Personnel

H - Negotiations

I - Instruction

J - Students

K - School & Community Relations

L - Educational Agencies

Parent Refusal Form

Grading/Assessments Systems