Bus Safety

Students lined up on sidewalk listening to bus driver explain safety rules

Bus Safety Day

We in the Byers School Transportation Department would like to thank the Elementary Staff for allowing us the opportunity to enter each elementary class to instruct the students on the rules and expectations when they are riding the school bus, as well as participating in an evacuation drill.  This gives students a chance to ask questions and understand rules that they may not fully comprehend.  We also hold contests for each age group that enhances their understanding of the rules and why we require certain behavior.  They are asked to take information home so that parents and guardians can see the bus rules and expectations too.

The drivers look forward to this exercise each year as it allows them to get to know the students that they might not see on a daily basis on the school bus.  The students must enjoy it too because as soon as school starts they ask when are we going to hold the "Bus Safety Week."

Janet Herman, Transportation Director

Byers School District 32J