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Knowledge Bowl is an interdisciplinary academic competition involving teams of four students trying to answer questions in a written round and several oral rounds. No team is eliminated in this event, and every team participates in every round. Knowledge Bowl is a power competition in which team groupings are rearranged after each round on the basis of their total points accumulated. The written round is a multiple-choice exam taken by each team as a whole. Results of this round are used for seeding teams in the oral rounds. In the oral rounds, there are three teams per room. A reader presents the questions, and a team member may buzz in as soon as he or she chooses. If they miss a question, nothing is deducted, but the other teams then may try to answer the question based on who buzzed in first. The winner is the team with the greatest number of points at the end of the meet.

Instructor/Coach: Scott Thomas


Dates for JH and HS Meets: All dates and times are subject to change.

10/28/2022: JH Knowledge Bowl @ Eads 9:00am, ATeam placed 2nd

11/4/2022: HS Knowledge Bowl @ Karvel 8:30am

12/2/2022: JH knowledge Bowl @ Flagler 9:00am

1/6/2023: HS Knowledge Bowl @ Manzanola 8:30am

1/20/2023: HS Knowledge Bowl @ Eads 8:30am

2/3/2023: JH & HS Knowledge Bowl @ Flagler 9:00am

2/10/2023: JH Knowledge Bowl @ Burlington 10:00am

TBD: HS Knowledge Bowl State

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