Kurt Hubert

7th and 8th Grade Math

303-822-5292 ext: 1172 


I was born and raised in northwestern New Jersey on a small, rural farm near my mother's immediate family until I was 10 years old. The large creek running behind our house and the Delaware River sparked my life-long love for fishing since I was five years old. We raised goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and beef cows before moving to Colorado Springs in 1979. We eventually moved east to Ellicott, CO. in 1981, where I graduated in a class of 48 students. I've been a native of Colorado ever since. My educational background includes a BS in Mass Communications with an emphasis in news editorial, a minor in philosophy, and a Masters degree in Elementary Education. I've worked as a freelance concert photographer, writer and radio DJ and both traveled, photographed, and interviewed bands from around the world in the past. In my free time, I enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, target shooting, music, hard gym workouts and taking my dog on long walks in the country. I firmly believe in supporting and giving back to my community by donating clothing, food and personal time to our students, families and school when I can. This will be my eleventh year teaching. My current position is teaching middle school mathematics for our 7th and 8th grade students as well as well as being an advisor and photographer for our high school yearbook.


Period 1 – 8th grade math

Period 2 – 8th grade math

Period 3 – 7th grade math

Period 4 – 7th grade math

Period 5 – 3D printing

Period 6 – Computer coding

Period 7 – PLAN