Graphic says It's Halloween Parade & Party Time Oct. 28th, Friday

It’s Halloween Parade and Party Time!   Oct. 28th - Friday

This year we are back to normal!  

Here is what you need to know about our Parade and Party.

 Everyone will need to check in at the Elementary Office.  (The north entrance by the flagpole will not be available.)  We will have two “check in” spots.  

 If you are only going to the parade, we will have you get a “Parade” sticker.  We will have a table outside by the elementary entrance (weather permitting) where you can get a sticker.  Then we will have you enter using the outside double doors by the big gym, where the parade will take place.  We will have helpers ready to show you where to go.  

 If you need to help your child dress, we need you to check in with Mrs. Mohatt in the office.  We will have you sign in and get a special sticker.  Since we have several new students, we may ask to see your ID.  (Just so you are aware and not surprised, there is very limited space to change in our restrooms.)

 As in years past, we ask that adults not wear masks or anything too scary.  

 Also, we ask that only party parents attend the party please, as we don’t have room or food for extra people.


Friday’s Schedule

  1. Our Halloween Parade/Party will be Friday, October 28th at 1:30 p.m.
  2. At 1:15 parents can go help their children get dressed.
  3. The parade will begin at 1:30ish in the New Gym.
  4. Our parties will start at approximately 1:45.
  5. Car pickup begins at 2:15 and bussers/walkers will be dismissed at 2:30.

*Please note – As always, if your child is doing something different at the end of the day, we will need a note.