Community Resources

Hello Byers Families,

As we start this new school year I wanted to reach out to families and introduce myself. My name is Phoenix Bright, I have been with the district for 13 years. I am the Elementary Counselor and The District Community Outreach Liaison. For many of you I want to remind you of the different ways I am here to assist you and your children. For any counseling needs contact me to see how I can help or how I can connect you to local services. I have a small selection of clothes, coats, personal care items, as well as access to weekend (backpack) meals, and help with snacks. If you have been with the district and your living situation has changed, please contact me for resources. We have received some big and exciting things to help with a wide range of family situations (including multi- family homes).

If you would like to visit about these opportunities please call or email me at your convenience and 1 will get back with you as soon as I can. Looking forward to continuing to serve your families. 

Thanks, Phoenix Bright 303-822-5292 ext. 1282