GBA - Open Hiring/Equal Opportunity Employment

GBAA - Sexual Discrimination and Harrasment

GBAB - Workplace Health and Safety Protection

GBB - Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBEA - Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest

GBEA-E Staff Ethics

GBEB - Staff  Conduct

GBEB-R - Staff Conduct

GBEB-R-2 Staff Conduct

GBEBA - Staff Dress Code

GBEBC - Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff

GBEC - Drug Free Workplace

GBEC-E Acknowledgemnet Form

GBEE - Staff use of Internet and Electronic Communications

GBEE-E- Staff us of Internet and Electronic Communications Acceptance Form

GBG -Liability of School Personell and Staff Protection

GBGA - Staff Health

GBGA-R Staff Health  

GBGAA - Staff Training in Crisis Prevention and Management

GBGAB First Aid Training

GBGB - Staff Personal Safety and Security

GBGD - Workers' Comp

GBGE - Staff Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave

GBGF - Federally Mandated Family Leave

GBGF-E Certification of Physician or Practitioner

GBGF-R Federally Mandated Family Leave

GBGG - Instructional Staff Leave

GBGI - Staff Military Leave

GBGJ - Staff Bereavement Leave

GBGK - Staff Legal Leave

GBI - Criminal History Record Information

GBJ - Personnel Records and Files

GBJA - Disclosure of Information to Prospective Employers

GBK - Concerns/Complaints/Grievances

GBK-R - Staff Concerns/Complaints

GBK-E Grievance Procedure

GC - Professional Staff

GCA - Professional Staff Positions

GCBA - Instructional Staff Salary Schedule

GCBA-E - Certified Salary Schedule  

GCBA-R - Professional Staff Salary Schedules Substitute Teacher Salary

GCBA-1 Movement on Salary Scale

GCBC - Professinal Staff Supplementary Pay Plans

GCBD - Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

GCBDA - Teacher Housing

GCBDA-E-2 - Application for Housing

GCBDAA - Paid Leave Transfer

GCBDAA-E Paid Leave Transfer Form

GCBDA-E-1 - Housing Lease Agreement

GCCAF - Professional Staff Sabbatical Leave

GCE/GCF - Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring

GCE/GCF-R - Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring

GCGA - Part-Time and Substitute Professinal Staff Employment/Qualifications of Substitute Staff

GCHA/GCHB - Mentor Teachers/Administrators

GCHC - Professional Staff Induction Program

GCI - Professional Staff Development

GCID - Professional Staff Training, Workshops and Conferences

GCKA - Instructional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCKAA - Teacher Displacement

GCKAA-R - Teacher Displacement

GCKB - Administrative Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCL - Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars

GCO - Evaluation of LIcensed Personnel

GCO-R - Evaluation of LIcensed Personnel

GCOA-E - Evaluation of Instructional Staff

GCOC-E - Evalutaion of Administrative Staff

GCOE - Evaluation of Evaluators

GCQA - Instructional Staff Reduction in Force

GCQA-R - Instructional Staff Reduction in Force

GCQC/GCQD - Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff

GCQC/GCQD-R - Resigation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff

GCQE - Retirement of Professional Staff

GCQEA - Voluntary Early Retirement of Professional Staff Members

GCQF - Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff

GCQF-R Discipline, Suspension, and DIsmissal of Professional Staff

GCS - Professional Research and Publishing

GD - Support/Classified Staff

GDA - Support Staff Positions

GDBC - Support Staff Supplementary Pay/Overtime

GDBD - Support Staff Fringe Benefits

GDCA - Support Staff Leave

GDD - Support Staff Vacations and Holidays

GDE/GDF - Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring

GDE/GDF-R  - Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring

GDG - Part Time and Substitute Support Staff Employment

GDO - Evaluation of Support Staff

GDO-R Evaluation of Support Staff

GDQB - Resignation of Support Staff

GDQD - Discipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of Support Staff