Tom Thompson III

 My family has lived in the Byers area for the past 8 years and our kids attend the Byers Schools. I was not the greatest student in the world when I attended school but as I grew older I realized education was very important. I attended a business college and received my accounting degree in 1980. I also realized that if you use a little extra effort school and grades are not that hard to achieve. I taught accounting to post-secondary students at Pickens Tech in Aurora in the early 90's and was part of their Business Advisory Group. The world is ever changing and knowledge is ever changing. There is not a day goes by without learning something new and be able to pass that knowledge on either in work or pleasure. I have been on the Board of Education and the district's BOCES rep. for the past two years with my term ending in 2011. I enjoy being on the board of education and hopefully have had some influence on the direction of the school. I also sit on the board for the Childcare advisory group and the FFA advisory group for the district. My hopes that during my term our district will be looked at a district to attend for your child's educational opportunities.