Senior High Applied Skills

Course Summary

Senior High Applied Skills is a class in which students are given time to work with assistance on assignmnets from other classes. They also work on a life skills such as filling out applications, or other such tasks on an ongoing basis. Parents can expect to receive weekly progress reports on the last day of each week that informs them of their student's current grades as well as any missing assignments in all classes. Students will receive daily points based on their productivity during the class.


To be successful ind Applied Skills, students need to come to class with any assignment(s) they need to work on as well as any supplies they will need to complete the assignment(s). They will need to have a positive attitude, and put forth their best effort. Each student will have a binder that is left in the classroom that will contain worksheets that are applicable to life skills projects.

Types of Assignments

Student's assignments for this class will be worked on during class time.  They should not have homework.