Senior High Applied English


Students are expected to come to class on time with a positive attitude, ready to learn.  They will need pen/pencil, paper, and textbook.  They should be in their seats when the bell rings.   Parents can expect to receive weekly progress reports on the last day of each week that informs them of their student's current grades as well as any missing assignments in all classes. 


Pen/pencil, paper, textbook, and composition notebook

Electronic Devices

Cell phones are not to be used in class.  Please be sure they are off and out of sight.  I-Pods or MP3 players are allowed to be used when students are working independently.  No other individual in the class should be able to hear your music, or you will be asked to turn it off.


Students will begin each class by journaling in their composition book.  They will be give a wiritng prompt in which to base their writing on.  Each journal entry will be worth 5 points and will be scored on the basis of topic sentence, supporting paragraphs, concluding sentence, grammar use, and conventions.  They are not scored based on their spelling.  Students will be given approximatly 10 to 15 minutes to complete their entry.   Composition books are left in the classroom, and absent students are required to make up the missing entry by journaling the prompt and pasting it into the composition book.   

Daily Points

Students are given 5 daily points based on their productivity during the class hour.


Most all assignments should be completed in class.


Tests will be given at the end or each chapter or concept idea.  Students will be notivied a minimum of 3 days before the test.


Students grades are accumulated from journaling, classwork, daily points, quizes, and tests.

Byers grading scale is:

A - 90% to 100%

B - 80% to 89%

C - 70% to 79%

D - 60% to 69%

F - 0% to 59%


Extra Assistance

I am here to assist all students in any way that I can.  I make myself available before and after school as well as during lunch.  Please let me know if you are planning to take advantage of any of these times to ensure that I do not have any conflicts.