Elizabeth Greenman



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Beth Greenman is a graduate of Purdue and Utah State Universities with degrees in Geology, and the University of Wyoming with a degree in Secondary Science Education. She has experience working in oil exploration as a geophysicist, and began teaching after an oil industry downturn because she had previously experienced the joys of teaching freshman geology labs at Utah State. She began teaching at Byers in 1988 and, except for a hiatus in Tennessee and Yuma, Colorado, has enjoyed guiding Byers students in increasing their knowledge of how the Universe works. Outside of her interest in science, she also loves reading, animals, and surfing the Internet. She lives in Byers with  two cats, and two Icelandic horses.


2nd Hour: Earth Science

3rd Hour: Chemistry

4th Hour: Biology

5th Hour: Physics

6th Hour: Astronomy

7th Hour: Chemistry

Information about these classes can be found at her web site: http://www.ergreenman.com .