Leisure Sports


OVERVIEW: The class will cover 12 activities over the course of the year. The activities are designed to be done individually or in pairs. Course lectures will cover the history of the activity, rules of the activity, and vocabulary of the activity.

EXPECTATIONS: Students are expected to be time and prepared for class. Roll will be taken 4 minutes after the bell rings. Students are expected to participate in class and not distract classmates. Students are expected to dress out when the activity requires it.

FEES & DRESS REQUIREMENTS: There will be a $15 fee to cover the cost of bowling at Strasburg for the bowling unit. Certain activities will require the students to dress out. Proper attire is T-shirt or sweatshirt, shorts or sweat bottoms & tennis shoes that can be worn on the gym floor. (Shoes that have not been worn outside)

ATTENDANCE: This is a participation class! Attendance is necessary to pass this class. An absence will cost you 4 participation points each time you are gone. Any absence, unless school related, will cost you participation points. School related absences do NOT take away from your grade.

CRITERIA FOR PASSING: Your grade will be earned by your performance on the written exams, skills testing and your participation points. You must attain the following scores for grading:

90% or above A

80% or above B

70% or above C

60% or above D

59% or below F

GRADING SYSTEM: You will have 3 written exams and/or a skills test and your participation points grade per nine weeks. Your quarterly grade will be figures on these scores. Your semester grade will be the accumulation of the scores from the 6 written exams and/or skills tests and the 2 participation grades. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS AN ACTIVITY CLASS AND EXTRA CREDIT IS NOT POSSIBLE!


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