Fitness and Conditioning


OVERVIEW: The class will cover Spotting, Weight lifting, Conditioning, Plyometrics, Agilities and Nutrition and  Supplements. The activities are designed to be done individually using a program designed for you individually by the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Software that we use.

EXPECTATIONS: Students are expected to be on time, in proper workout clothing and prepared for class. Roll will be taken 4 minutes after the start of class bell rings. Students are expected to participate in class and not distract classmates. Students are expected to dress out. Time will be given at the end of the class period to change for their next class.

ATTENDANCE: This is a participation class! Attendance is necessary to pass this class. An absence will cost you 4 participation points each time you are gone. School related absences do NOT take away from your grade.

CRITERIA FOR PASSING: Your grade will be earned by your performance in the weight room, completing the weekly lifting paperwork, participating in core/cardio worlouts, conditioning drills and agility circuits. Completing Nutrion logs weekly. There will be physical testing done at the beginning and end of each semester. Freshman and upper classmen taking the class for the first time will have a nutrition log to keep and turn in weekly. You must attain the following scores for grading:

90% or above A

80% or above B

70% or above C

60% or above D

59% or below F

GRADING SYSTEM: Each 9 weeks you will have a grade for participation, weekly lifting paperwork, nutrition logs and core/cardio workouts. These will be combined to determine your final grade for the quarter and the semester. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A PARTICIPATION CLASS AND NO EXTRA CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN!

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