Welcome to 3-D Printing 

Mr. Corey Green 

Email: green.corey@byers.k12.co.us 

Phone: 303-822-5292; Ext 1192 


1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 

2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 

3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 

4. Model with mathematics. 

5. Use appropriate tools strategically. 

6. Attend to precision. 

7. Look for and make use of structure. 

8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. 

Student Behavior Expectations: 

• Respect 

o Teachers, Subs, Self, Others, Property 

o Use appropriate language 

o Keep personal electronic equipment in your backpack or locker 

o Follow the rules 

o Be honest and accept responsibility 

o Failure to follow behavioral expectations will result in a loss of daily behavioral points and the teacher  will reach out to parents.  

• Be on time and be prepared 

o Tardies will result in: Loss of daily participation points and a detention will be given once 3 tardies are  reached. 

o Be in class, prepared, and working AT THE START OF CLASS! Students will receive a loss of daily  participation points and/or a tardy if they are unprepared, must leave class to get required materials, or  not in their seats working when the tardy bell rings.  

o Prepared means: 

1. Notebook/Binder 

2. Writing tool 

3. Class materials/Book 

4. Homework 

Academic Expectations: 

• Know about your learning 

o Understand the purpose of the lesson 

o Take pride in your learning 

o Ask Questions 

• Be ready to learn and engage 

o Follow directions and listen to the teacher 

o Be ready to learn and engage 

o Group work involves ALL members of the group 

o Adhere to due dates 

o Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. If caught, there will be a zero for that particular assignment  or test. 

Course Expectations: 

∙ Google Classroom: 

o Discussions: Answering the discussion questions are due every Thursday of the week at 11:59 p.m.  The two replies to two separate classmates are due no later than every Sunday at 11:59 p.m. One day  late drops a letter grade. 5 days late is a zero. 

o Critical Thinking Assignments: This Assignment will be given every Monday and due the following  Monday at 8:00 a.m. 

o Late assignments: If an assignment is one day late, you lose a letter grade. After five days late the  assignments will be a zero. 

∙ Zoom: 

o When during zoom, video must always be on and the microphone must be muted at all times, unless  you have a question or you are called upon. 

o Follow proper etiquette rules. 

∙ Unit Exams will be given on any day when the unit is complete 

∙ Final is at the end of the first semester and at the end of the year 

∙ There will be a 3D Project with every lesson.  

Course Overview: 

1. Introduction 

2. Process of the 3D Printing 

3. Creating a Model to 3D Print 

4. Developing Modeling Skills 

5. Design Challenge 

6. Basic Materials and Slicing 

7. End of Course Test 

8. 3D Printing in our Society 

9. Different types of 3D Printing 

10. Introduction of Parametric Modeling 

11. Developing CAD skills 

12. Design Challenge 

13. Intermediate Slicing techniques and materials 

14. Customized Slicing techniques 

15. End of Course Assessment 

16. 3D printing and manufacturing 

17. Sustainable and 3D Printing 

18. Advanced CAD modeling 

19. Advanced Design Skills 

20. Advanced Design Challenge 

21. End of Module Test 


The standard grading scale will be used 

 90% - 100% ----------A  

80% - 89% ----------- B  

70% - 79% ----------- C 

 60% - 69% ----------- D  

59% and below ----- F

I ________________________________ have read and understood the 3D Printing Syllabus.  (student name—please print) 

________________________________ __________________________________ (Student signature and date) (Parent/guardian signature and date)