Course Title:  Creative Foods/International Cuisine
Textbook:  Food For Today
Teacher:  Carolyn Worrell
Telephone:  303-822-5292    Ext. 1161

Course Description:  The purpose of this course is to explore the different regions of the United States and the food cultures that developed.  Foreign cuisines around the world will also be studied, including food patterns and traditions, methods of preparation, and cultural influences.  Units to be covered include:  The Southwest and Hawaii, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, The Orient (Japan and China), The British Isles (England, Scotland, and Ireland), and Scandinavian Cuisine (Norway, Switzerland, and Sweden).

Assingments:  Grades will be based on class participation, written assignments and worksheets, unit tests, food labs, and a final comprehensive exam.  There is a $15.00 lab fee for this course.