Course Title:  Basic Foods
Textbook:  Food For Today
Teacher:  Carolyn Worrell
Telephone:  303-822-5292   Ext. 1161

Course Description:  The purpose of this course is to encourage interest in the importance of good nutrition throughout the lifecycle, to strengthen skills in the preparation of foods of all types, to encourage good management practices, and to provide ways in which cooking skills and techniques can be developed.  Units to be covered include:  Kitchen Equipment, Quick Breads, Eggs and Cheese, Vegetables, Cakes and Frostings, Pasta and Grains, Pies and Pastries, Fruits, Meat Cookery, Cookies, Dairy Desserts, Poultry, Seafood, and Soups and Salads.

Assignments:  Grades will be based on class participation, written assignments and worksheets, unit tests, food labs, and a final comprehensive exam. There is a $15.00 lab fee for this course.