JH Football

Head Coach: Jeremy Kerns
Assistant Coach: Corey Green and Casey Pelton


Football (Spring 2021- Updated):

Date                             Opponent                              Site                       Time            Games                      

Wednesday, Mar 10th  Elbert                                      Byers                    4:00            A

Thursday, Mar 11th      Flatirons                                 Byers                    4:00            A and B               

Tuesday, Mar 23rd       Limon                                      Byers                    4:00            A and B              

Thursday, Mar 25th      Akron                                       Byers                    4:00            A and B       

Tuesday, Mar 30th       PPC                                          Byers                    4:00           A         

Thursday, Apr 1st        Wiggins                                    Byers                    4:00           A and B               

Wednesday, Apr 7th     Simla                                        Byers                    4:00            A and B           

Tuesday, April 13th         Dayspring Christian                 Greeley                   4:00            A and B       

Athletic director: jeremy kerns
principal: kelly boren
superintendent: Tom Turrell

Mascot: Bulldogs
Colors: Kelly Green & White