JH Football

JH Football

Head Coach: Jeremy Kerns
Assistant Coach: Corey Green and Thomas Byrns


JH Football 21-22

Football Schedule: (Fall 2021):

Date                             Opponent                              Site                       Time            Games                      

Thursday,  Sept 2        Dayspring Chr.                       Byers                    4:00            A and B

Thursday, Sept 9         Pikes Peak Chr.                     Byers                    4:00            A and B               

Thursday, Sept 16         Elbert                                       Elbert                     7:00            A and B              

Thursday, Sept 23       Calhan                                     Byers                    7:00            A and B       

Tuesday, Sept 28           Akron                                        Akron                    4:00           A  and B              

Monday, Oct. 4th            Simla                                        Simla                    4:00           A and B          


Junior High Football 2021 Summer Letter


Dear Junior High Football Player,

             I hope your summer goes well and I expect that you are looking forward to this upcoming season.  This year we have the opportunity to have three practices before the beginning of school.  This will give us a chance to get two full weeks of practice in for our first game instead of just 8 days.  This is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals, the offenses, defenses, and to get a jump start on checking out equipment/uniforms.  We understand that some of you may have vacations planned for this time, however, it is imperative that you are here if you are in town.

            The practices will run August 12th, 13th and 16th from 2:30-4:00 at the Byers Football Field.  You must have a current physical, bring this with you on the first day.  If you are looking for a place to get your physical, Lincoln County Health is doing Physicals in Byers on July 23rd.  Please call 719-740-2073 to schedule.  We also ask that each athlete bring 2 bottles of mosquito spray and a bottle of sun block to keep in their lockers for the first couple of weeks of practice.  We can provide combo locks for gym lockers, but we also encourage kids provide their own so they can practice their combination leading up to school and so if they lose it they won’t have to pay the school.   Other things that players will need that we do not provide are an athletic support (cup), football cleats, and a knee high pair of Kelly green socks for games.

            We believe this is an excellent opportunity for the coaching staff to get a look at what you can do on the field.  We hope to see you there.

Thank You,

Jeremy Kerns                                                              Corey Green

Head Junior High Football Coach                              Assistant Junior High Football Coach



                                                                                    Thomas Byrns

                                                                                    Assistant Junior High Football Coach

Athletic director: jeremy kerns
principal: kelly boren
superintendent: Tom Turrell

Mascot: Bulldogs
Colors: Kelly Green & White