All Fans hoping to attend the Wrestling Tri at Bennett on Wednesday, December 1st must purchase tickets ahead of time on Go Fan.  Here is the note from Bennett High School:


Admission will only be available through our online ticketing process on We have gone cashless at our gate so tickets must be purchased online. WE WILL NOT TAKE CASH AT GATE!



Many venues that we visit require masks at all times in the venue.  Please be aware of having a mask with you at least in your pocket, so you don't get to the venue and get turned away because you are not prepared. 


10 Athletics Notes:


1.   All Winter Schedules can be found on the tab for the specific team or on,co)/home.htm


2.    CHSAA has moved away from using Planet High School for Paperwork.  The new Platform (rSchools) will  not let parents upload paperwork.  Therefore it must all be turned in by hand.  There are only two items we need. 1. Updated physical (signed and dated by doctor)  2. Back Page of Athletic Handbook (both sides completely filled out and signed)


3.     Masks and Quarantine:  Per Mr. Turrell’s voicemail there are no mask requirements at the current moment.  However, the following scenarios must be understood.

  1. Fully Vaccinated person:  No mask required:  If this person comes into contact with a Covid case, they will NOT be quarantined.
  2. Unvaccinated person that WEARS a mask:  Comes into contact with Covid case, they will NOT be quarantined.
  3. Unvaccinated person that Does NOT wear a mask: Comes into contact with Covid case, may be Quarantined.


4.       Athletics Fees:  The Athletics Fee for a sport must be paid BEFORE the student can play in the first contest.  This can be taken care of online on infinite campus or at the front office.  This is a change from the past.  BE AWARE and PLAN ACCORDINGLY.


5.        Free and reduced lunch forms must be filled out and turned in at least a week before the first contest in order to qualify for free and reduced athletics fees.  These forms have been (or will be) handed out by fall coaches, or they can be picked up in the district office or high school office.


6.       Family Passes:  $100.  Passes will be printed and will allow 4 family members in.  Passes must be presented at the gate.  All people entering with the pass must come in at the same time.  Passes may not be accepted at all games.


7.       Chain of Command: (In order)

               1.  You talk to the coach (Athlete)

                2.  Parent talks to the Coach

                3.  Parent talks to AD

                4.   Parent talks to Principal

                5.   Parent talks to Superintendent

               6.    Parent talks to School Board


8.       Unruly Spectators:  If a spectator demonstrates un-sportsmanship behaviors at any of our contests, including berating officials, coaches, players and other fans they will be told to leave.


9.       Coaching Contacts:  All coaches can be contacted via e-mail:

Casey Pelton (Head HS Football):

Phoenix Bright (Head HS Volleyball):

Lee Mahoney (Head HS Cross Country):

Megan Jackson (Head Cheer):

Jeremy Kerns (Athletic Director, Head HS/JH Boys Basketball, Head JH Football):

Chris Cary (Head HS/JH girls Basketball):

Jon Yapoujian (HS Wrestling):

Terry Amundson (Head HS Track):

DJ Jackson (Head HS Baseball):

Kameron Weber (Head JH Track):

Candra Kerns (Head JH Volleyball):

Thomas Byrns (Head JH Wrestling):

10.      Watching games live online at NFHS:  All Byers Athletics home contests hosted in the Big Gym, on the Football Field and on the Baseball Field will be broadcast live on the NFHS Network, many road games will also be broadcast live.  The games will be archived so fans can watch them later.  Fans will need a subscription.  In order to get a subscription or watch a game live if you already have a subscription please Click copy and paste the link below in a web browser.

Congratulations Mr. Kerns 2020-21 2A Athletic Director of the Year


NFHS Network Broadcast

All Byers Athletics home contests hosted in the Big Gym, on the Football Field and on the Baseball Field will be Broadcast live on the NFHS Network.  The games will also be archived so fans can watch them later.  Fans will need a subscription.  In order to get a subscription or watch a game live if you already have a subscription please Click the link below:

Athletics Director: Jeremy Kerns

Jeremy Kerns is going into his 8th year as the director of athletics and activities at Byers High School.  Mr. Kerns will be in his 18th year at Byers High School as a social studies teacher and the head coach of three sports programs, including varsity boys basketball, jh boys basketball and jh football.  Mr. Kerns is also an assistant coach of a 4th sport in JH Track.  Before coming to Byers Mr. Kerns was an assistant basketball coach for the women's team at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

Mr. Kerns was honored with being awarded the 2A Athletic Director of the Year in 2020-21 from the Colorado Athletic Directors Association (CADA).

Mr. Kerns has served on two CHSAA committees over the past 7 years.  He has been the Union Pacific League Legislative Council Representative and he has also served on the CHSAA Hall of Fame Committee.

The Byers Athletic Department is a proud participant in the CHSAA initiative of Academic based Athletics. 

In order to reach Mr. Kerns you can e-mail him at: or call 303-822-5292 ext. 1188

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Physical PDF to take to Doctor with you


With the CHSAA decision to change all sports starting dates around they will be recreated and updated over the next few weeks.  All schedules for January and Beyond should be finalized by late October.  Please check each sports page for current schedules as they become available and if there is nothing there come back a little later.

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