Fitness & Conditioning


Fitness & Conditioning Syllabus

OVERVIEW: Weight Training is a combination of classroom, weight training, and cardiovascular fitness activities. Students will take part in activities that will enhance cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition.  The benefits of exercise and its affect on the systems of the body will be introduced.  The primary objectives of this course are to improve the health-related components of fitness and to enable the student to make intelligent decisions regarding fitness program design and application.  We will be using the BFS program.(Bigger Faster Stronger)

1) Be on time. If student is tardy 2-pts will be deducted from participation grade. Follow tardy policy in student handbook. 2) Be respectful of weight room-anything broken due to horseplay you will have to replace it. 3) SAFETY must come first! 4) Make sure your locker is locked up 5) Leave cell phones & hats in locker(if I see them out or on I will turn them in to the office) 6) Use appropriate language and respect classmates 7)The only drink allowed in the weight room is water or Gatorade 8) All lifts must have a spotter at all times 9) Students must wear a lifting belt when the lift calls for it 10)This is a PARTICIPATION class. You are expected to participate if not your grade will reflect your effort. 11) All weights must be put up at the end of the class 12) Attendance is a requirement for this class. 13) You will complete the BFS program that you are assigned everyday(if not you will not receive any points for the day)

ATTENDANCE: This is a participation class! Attendance is necessary to pass this class. An absence will cost you 4 participation points each time you are gone. School related absences do NOT take away from your grade.
In case of injury or illness, with Dr.'s note, other arrangements with instructor will be made to make up participation points missed.

CRITERIA FOR PASSING: Your grade will be earned by your performance in the weight room, during conditioning drills and during agility circuits. There will be physical testing done at Mid-term and again at the end of the semester. Freshman will have a nutrition log to keep and turn in weekly. You must attain the following scores for grading:

90-100 A
80-89  B
70-79 C
60-69 D
59% or below F

GRADING SYSTEM: Each 9 weeks you will have a grade for participation, physical testing, and the BFS log sheets filled out.  These will be combined to determine your final grade for the quarter and the semester. Your quarterly grade will be figured on these scores. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A PARTICIPATION CLASS AND NO EXTRA CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN