Students will apply concepts, learned from Algebra 1, to more complex concepts of math, particularly in solving equations using Geometric concepts.

Materials Needed:

Students will need a notebook for notes and assignments, graphing paper, pencils, red pens, compass, protractor, jumbo book covers, 2 inch three ring binder with subject dividers (Must have), and a graphing calculator (if possible).

Text Books: If you lose them, mark on them with a pen or pencil, or if they have any damage to them; you will pay for a brand new Geometry book at full price. They are over $50 a book. Handle with care. Don’t throw them or do anything to destroy them.

Course Expectations:

Students are to be in class on time with materials needed for the day. Students are only allowed three tardies. Anything after the third is a detention. Students are expected to take notes during lecture. Following lecture, homework will be assigned. Homework will be due the following day after assigned. All work has to be shown for credit. No Work equals zero for the problem. When absent, you have 3 days to complete your work. I expect full participation in this class. This includes asking questions and coming in on your own time for extra understanding of the homework at the time.

Quizzes and Tests:


Demonstration of Learning (DOL) quizzes will be given after every lecture. If you get a 90% or higher, you will be assigned half the homework given. Anything below all the homework has to be completed by the next day.

There will be quiz about once a week on Wednesdays that will grow into your unit test. If you get a 90% or higher on the quizzes you will get a homework pass that can be applied to one future homework assignment.


Classroom rules:

1.      No cell phones, if caught with a phone, it will go to the office.

2.      No food, gum, or drinks in the room. It will be thrown away if brought into room.

3.      Respect your peers and authority. Automatic 1 hour detention and a call home to parents.  

 Course Overview:

1.      Geometric Reasoning

2.      Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

3.      Property of Triangle and Congruencies

4.      Polygons and Quadrilaterals

5.      Similarities

6.      Right Triangles and Trigonometry

7.      Perimeter, Circumference, and Area

8.      Spatial Reasoning

9.      Circles.

Grading Scale:

The standard grading scale will be used

            90% - 100% ----------A

            80% - 89% ----------- B

            70% - 79% ----------- C

            60% - 69% ----------- D

            59% and below -----F

 Cheating will not be tolerated. If caught cheating, there will be a zero for that particular assignment or test. There will be a chance to make the assignment up for 50% of the points and a chance to make up a different test the following day after school.