10th Grade Economics


Students will learn the principles and practices of our economy

Materials Needed:

Students will need a multiple subject notebook for notes and assignments, pencils, or blue or black pins, red pins, and jumbo book covers.

Text book: Do not lose them, mark on them with a pen or pencil, or if they have any damage to them; you will pay for a brand new Economics book at full price. They are $90 a book. Handle with care. Don’t throw them or do anything to destroy them.

Course Expectations:

Students are to be in class on time with materials needed for the day. Students are only allowed three tardies. Anything after the third is a detention. Students are expected to take notes during lecture. Following lecture, homework will be assigned. Homework will be due the following day. When absent, you have 3 days to complete your work. Group projects will be assigned in this class as will. Some of these projects might be required to be finished as homework. This is a semester project that involves the stock market. A 10 minute power point will be due at the end of the semester. I expect full participation in this class. This includes asking questions and coming in on your own time for extra understanding of the homework at the time.

Quizzes and Tests:

There will be a quiz at the end of each chapter and a test at the end of each unit

Classroom rules:

1.      No cell phones, if caught with a phone, it will go to the office.

2.      No food, gum, or drinks in the room. It will be thrown away if brought into room.

3.      Respect your peers and authority. Automatic 1 hour detention and a call home to parents.  



Course Overview:

1.      Fundamental Economic Concepts

2.      Microeconomics

3.      Economic Institutions and Issues

4.      Macroeconomics

5.      The Global Economy


Grading Scale:

The standard grading scale will be used

            90% - 100% ----------A

            80% - 89% ----------- B

            70% - 79% ----------- C

            60% - 69% ----------- D

            59% and below -----  F


Cheating will not be tolerated. If caught cheating, there will be a zero for that particular assignment or test. There will be a chance to make the assignment up for 50% of the points and a chance to make up a different test the following day after school.