8th Grade Integrated Science



Students will gain the knowledge needed to understand what makes up the Earth and the Universe.

Materials Needed:

Students will need a notebook for notes, paper for assignments, pencil or pen, 2 inch three ring binder with subject dividers and jumbo book cover.

These books are brand new. If there is any damage to these books, there will be a max fine of $100. Water damage, excess amount of writing in book, or binding of book is falling off can are examples of $100 dollar fine.

Course Expectations:

Students are to be in class on time with materials needed for the day. Students are expected to take notes during lecture. Following lecture, homework will be assigned. Homework will be due the next day. If an assignment is one day late, it’s 50% off. Anytime after it’s a zero. When absent, you have 3 days to complete your work.

Notebook Quizzes:

I will have Random notebook Quizzes to see if you have been taking notes.


Students are only allowed 3 tardies. Anything after the third is a 15 minute lunch detention. Each lunch detention will be held in Mr. Green’s room. During which time the student may not talk or work on homework.

Hall Passes:

Each student will receive 3 hall passes for each semester. Students who do not use all 3 passes will receive 1 percentage point extra credit. These percentage points will be added to the semester grades.



Each student is required to use a planner. I will be randomly checking planners every week. It will be a grade of 15 points a week or 3 points a day.

Quizzes and Tests:

Quizzes will be given after every chapter. Tests will be given after each unit. All quizzes and tests will be given on any given week on Thursdays

Classroom rules:

1.      No electronic devises, if caught with one, it will go to the office.

2.      No food, gum, or drinks in the room. It will be thrown away if brought into room.

3.      Respect your peers and authority. Automatic 1 hour detention and a call home to parents.  

Course Overview:

1.      Scientific Inquiry

2.      Motion and Energy

3.      Earth’s History

4.      Weather

5.      Astronomy

Grading Scale:

The standard grading scale will be used

            90% - 100% ---------A

            80% - 89% -----------B

            70% - 79% -----------C

            60% - 69% -----------D

            59% and below -----F


Cheating will not be tolerated. If caught cheating, there will be a zero for that particular assignment or test. There will be a chance to make the assignment up for 50% of the points and a chance to make up a different test the following day after school.