Carolyn Worrell
Family and Consumer Science

I grew up on a dairy farm in Calahn, Colorado, and received my bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Science from Colorado State University.  I have been teaching for 35 years, the last 3 years being "retirement" years.  Classes I teach include Health, Basic Foods, International Cuisine, and Jr. High Family Consumer Science.  I have been a senior class sponsor the last 2 years, taking students to Florida and Hawaii for their senior trip.  I also help sponsor Student Council.


In my free time I enjoy reading, traveling adventures, working in my garden, preparing foreign cuisine dishes, and creating clothing and textile projects.  I also love spending time with my granddaughter; she will be 18 months old in June.


My husband Brian is the Industrial Arts teacher at DeerTrail, and our daughter Teri is an International Logistics and Compliance Specialist for a sporting goods company in Louisville.  She enjoys running, hiking, competing in marathons, and participating in cross fit classes.