Parent Permission Slip

Byers Agriculture Education Dept

Colorado State FFA Convention

May 28-30th, 2014


Dear Parent or Guardian,

The Byers Agriculture Education and FFA Department would like to take your student to the Colorado State FFA Convention.  We ask that you please read the schedule of events, sign and include a contact number for emergency or discipline purposes and have your student return this form to Mr. Luna before they get on the bus.  Thank you.


Sincerely, Mr. Luna


Students this must be returned to a sponsor before you get on the bus for the trip!


I ________________________________ parent/guardian of ______________________________ give my permission for the above names student to attend the Colorado State FFA Convention.  In case of emergency or discipline problems please contact me or this person _____________________________ at the following phone number.__________________________




Parent/Guardian Signature and Phone Number



Student Signature



Conference Cost is $125 and is due to Mr. Luna May 14th, 2014



Schedule of Events

Wednesday May 28th, 2014

7:00 am Meet at Byers High School Agriculture Education Classroom

12:00pm Arrive in Alamosa Colorado Adams State University

1:00pm Volleyball Tournament

4:00pm  Convention Kick Off Potato Fest

7:00pm Reflections

8:00pm  Chris Cagle Concert


Thursday May 29th, 2014

8:00am  Pre Session

8:30am Session 1

9:30am Career Workshops/Career Show

1:00pm  Presession 2

1:30pm  Session 2

3:00pm  Career Workshops

5:00pm  State FFA Degree Recognition Banqut-Mr. Luna, Jonathan Roesch, Cameron Pugh, Garrett Brockelman, Roger Hamacher, Brooke Hanlon

6:30pm  Talent Show

7:30pm  Session 3

9:30pm  Hypnotist Show


Friday May 30th, 2014

8:30am  Session 4

10:30am  Leadership Workshop

1:00pm  Session 5

2:30pm  Ice Cream Social

3:00pm  Depart for Byers High School

9:00pm  Estimated Return time to Byers High School Dismissed and Excused






Dress Code:

School Appropriate attire is required at all times



You may wear other clothing during designated times, however it must be school appropriate!



Money:  Registration costs covered, Convention, Rooms, Meals, Concert, and Hypnotist show.  We may tour the Alamosa Alligator Farm.  If you want snacks you must purchase them on your own.  At past conventions, they have sold t-shirts, hoodies and hats.  Please bring money if you wish to purchase these items. 




Behavior on Events

You are expected to act as an adult at all times! All School rules and regulations apply to this trip. You are a representative of yourself, your school, your advisor, and your FFA Chapter!  Believe in a COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE!

If at any time you are in violation of behavior issues, your parents/guardians will be called and asked to come and get you or a plane or bus ticket will be purchased at your expense!. No Questions Asked; DON’T PUT YOURSELF OR OTHERS IN JEOPARDY!