Melissa Finley
Second Grade

Mrs. Finley is in her thirteenth year in the Byers School District.  Her first seven years she taught first grade.  She is now in her sixth year of teaching second grade.  She was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. Mrs. Finley earned a B.A. in Behavioral Science with a minor in Elementary Education from Metropolitan State College of Denver.  In her free time she enjoys walking, spending time with her family, reading, and watching T.V.  Mrs. Finley has a five year old daughter named Jordan who is in Mrs. Marin’s kindergarten class this year.  Mrs. Finley currently resides in Byers with her husband Danny and daughter Jordan, along with their two dogs and three cats.  Mrs. Finley says, “I really enjoy teaching here in Byers, I love the small town atmosphere and I really enjoy all of the people that I work with.”  “We have a great team here in Byers!